A stroll in the gardens through the ages.

You are in the formal gardens (called "à la française"). The golden rule derived from the “Le Nôtre” school has been respected : an avenue of lime trees leads to the main courtyard on the east side of the castel.

On the opposite side, the west side, a park centered on the façade develops the decorative composition with terraces, flowerbeds, green geometric carpets, trimmed yew trees, statues and vases; the whole is encompassed by a large mirror-pond which the château is reflected in.

In front of the big wall, the gardens have been completed by an orchard of apples and pears (150 trees) which won a prize in the “La rose et le fruit” competition organised by the Delbard business establishments.

We encourage you to pause at the top of the stone steps which go up from the mirror-pond to contemplate the total effect. It is in a more natural environment where the hand of man has not imposed the design that one discovers the prehistoric caves and the “Bouil bleu” mentioned by Pierre Loti as the Gardens history tells us.

In 2004, our gardens were given the state appellation "Jardins Remarquables" (Outstanding Gardens).

In 2010, this appellation has been renewed.









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