Castle of Freÿr (Belgium)

Under the initiative of Mr and Mrs Axel Bonaert and "the friends of the castle", La Roche Courbon has twinned with the castle of Freÿr / Meuse near Dinant in Belgium.


The most fascinating natural site in Belgium welcomes an exceptional heritage, similar to that of Versailles (16th to - 18th century).

Here you can appreciate the harmony of the interior and the authentic furnishing of the Dukes de Beaufort-Spontin.

You will be moved by the traces left by history (royal hosts, the Coffee Treaty of 1675) and the accounts of twenty generations.

The intimate gardens (17th and 18th century) descend by a terrace until one reaches the peaceful Meuse. The murmur of the fountains, the perfume of the three hundred years old orange trees and the grandiose panorama will bewitch you. The labyrinths of bowers (6 km) will reveal their mysteries one by one. The refined decor of the Rococo pavilion will seduce you.

You will be astonished by the elegant simplicity of the oldest orange trees in the ancient Spanish habsburgh Netherlands or Low Countries.


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