ENTERTAIN | Chateau de La Roche Courbon

The estate of La Roche Courbon is a place for the whole family to have a great time.

It will take about 3 hours to discover all the different activities.

All year long the chateau prepares various events and animations for children and adults : guided tours,
shows, exhibitions, trails, Christmas Market…

Outside game, played thanks to a digital tablet following a orientation path, different clues must be found
thanks to the observation, handling and logic. The final aim is to free the ladybugs from the box they are
locked in. Following a fantastic thematic the enigma was created for the family with children over 6 years.
Clues available only in French

Play with family or friends at the escape game in the chateau. We have 3 different scenario in
authentic rooms to plunge you in the story. It is an action and thinking game. You have 60mn to
escape from the room you are locked in.
Clues are only in French and the game master as well !

How can we get entertained at the King’s court? You will discover various billiards, games played
at the pub, discs games, rings… Find a simple and authentic joy playing in family in the vaulted
rooms of the chateau, quite pleasant in summer.

Why Prehistozen? In fact, it is a pedagogic and fun path about prehistory, discovering by the same
way an exceptional flora. A calming and cooling moment due to the freshness of the surrounding of
the Bruant’s banks and the reconstitutions of prehistoric camps.

Visits are adapted to children and shared with the whole family ! Every one can enjoy the visit thanks to
the booklets handed at the entrance. Answer the question of Eutrope the frog or of Ti’Silex the
prehistoric child. Booklets available only in French