To be seen inside the chateau : Charente typical furniture, Saintonge kitchen, ancient paintings and medieval vaulted rooms

You will be greeted by the guide in the main courtyard before visiting the interior.

While waiting for the next tour, we invite you to step back in time in our museum of prehistory located in the keep. You will discover a large number of prehistoric objects from the early ("Mousterian" - 120 000 BC), middle ("Aurignacian" - 40 000 BC) and late ("Magdalenian" - 10 000 BC) palaeolithic periods.

Then you’ll enter the château: after the small library furnished with Louis XIII style of the 17th century, you will enter in the paintings’ room treated by Jean-Louis de Courbon as a curiosity cabinet in the second half of 17th  century.

The paintings are done on oak panels and are arranged on three levels : in the lower part characters of the Roman’s mythology, in the centre landscapes and architectures, and above Hercules’ labors


The ceiling, with its sumptuous decoration of five painted medallions against a checker-board background encircled by a carved wooden frieze, is very impressive.

The central design shows Mount Olympus with its gods whereas the medallions temper the pagan theme of this imagery by a representation of the four cardinal virtues.

The artist’s signature reads : “finis coronat opus 1662”.

Then you will leave this room, in the south tower, to go into the great 18th century room where most of the furniture is designed in Louis XV and Louis XVI styles.

This beautiful room, with its east-west light and its wooden panelling reflects the warmth of houses in Saintonge and a typical way of life.

Then, from the balcony, you will discover the view over the magnificent French gardens; you will step back in time on entering the Louis XIII room with its painted beams. On the lintel of the imposing stone fireplace there is the Courbon family motto :  «Fide - Fidelitate - Fortitudine» (by faith, fidelity and courage).

Next come two beautiful rooms decorated in the Charentais style  :
• The «Saintongeaise Kitchen» in the center of which there is a beautiful oak table on which stands a pestle and mortar (for grinding salt). 

On the dressers, with sturdy metal hinges, there is crockery designed in Saintes and Marans (the school of La Rochelle), a dough trough for kneading bread and a lovely collection of copper pans


• the “chambre paysanne” (peasant bedroom) which is reached via a spiral staircase. In it, there are two four-poster beds covered in flame material. The mats known as “à lirette” and the peasant woman’s head-dress known as “quichenotte” will remind the visitor that we are in the Charente Maritime.

The visit comes to an end in the XVIIIth century vestibule.


The guide will leave you in the vaulted rooms at the bottom of the chateau, the feudal part, where you will be free to see the exhibitions and play with the ancient wooden games.


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