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Old wooden games for the whole family

  • During the summer of 2001, the La Roche Courbon team, assisted by members of Amicour, set up a wooden play area such as they formerly existed at the Court of the King. (Toupie des Indes, Trac, Dutch and Japanese billiards, etc...).

    In 2002, all visitors were able to enjoy the old games area as much as they wanted.

    In 2004, a new game was added to the collection: the Lost Marble. In 2007, even new games: Sticks game, Elastic table, Bermuda Triangle, Laby spinning tops.

    In 2015, 2 other games: Rebound billiards and sliding table. In the well room and in good weather on the terrace, all of these games welcome children from six years old, under the responsibility and supervision of their parents.