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Pedagogy / Schools

Educational projects in collaboration with national education.

The Château de La Roche Courbon is the ideal site for discussing with children the themes of Prehistory, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the notion of heritage..

The fauna and flora are also very rich due to the natural diversity of the places: forest, marshes, river and garden.

Open all year round, our guides welcome students from kindergarten to middle school for the visit of your choice, in line with the school program.

We offer half-day or full-day activities.

Parking for coaches and picnic area (possibility of shelter in case of bad weather)

Thanks to the richness of the area, we can develop a tailor-made visit or activity according to your needs.





2024 presentation triptych (downloadable)

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Themes (1h/1h30) :

Prehistory : walk to the caves (prehistoric site), botanical tour on the flora existing in Prehistory, evocation, in situ, of the tribe, hunting, fire, the environment..., visit to the Prehistory museum.


The Middle Age : find your way in time, the great dynasties, architecture, passive defenses of the castle, life in the Middle Ages, chivalry, visit: upper courtyard, lower courtyard, dovecote, vaulted rooms and military framework.


The Renaissance and the Classical Age:Middle Ages/Renaissance transition, significance of this period, architecture, French gardens visit to the castle and French gardens.


Classic tour : guided tour of the castle: origin of the castle, its transformation in the 17th century, the art of living from the 17th to the 19th century. s., notion of heritage with the example of placing French gardens on stilts.

Educational sheet for thematic visits

The unavoidable :

Prehistory + (1h30 to 2h30) : Discovery of a protected natural site and different reconstructed camps, from Neanderthals to Sapiens. Possibility of extension with the excavation module.

Prehistory educational sheet

Over time (2 x 1h30) : From prehistory to today.

Matin : de la Préhistoire au Moyen-âge (musée de Préhistoire, cour haute et cour basse)

Afternoon: from the Renaissance to today (visit of the castle, the gardens and the exhibition on the preservation of the gardens)

Educational sheet over time

Fun course (1h30 + 1h) : A fun and educational way to approach the History of La Roche Courbon !

Morning : from the Middle Ages to today (upper courtyard, lower courtyard and castle)

Afternoon : treasure hunt (support: map of the area)

Fun course educational sheet