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All Saints holidays

From October 19 to November 3

Visite enfants
Visite enfants
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Visite enfants
  • For the school holidays, La Roche Courbon offers you an idea for an outing for children :

    The bewitched castle


    The castle witch stole all the children's candy. Together we are going to look for several items for the Halloween hunt. But we will also have to search various rooms of the castle to find clues that will lead us to the hiding place! And once we have succeeded, we can finally meet up for a snack.


    Workshop: (45 mins)
    Hanging paper skeletons and pumpkins.
    Animation: (45 mins)
    Tests and treasure hunts in different rooms of the castle


    FR3 report illustrating the animations


  • Duration: 2 hours (workshop + animation + snack)

    A snack will be served to the children in the Saintongeaise kitchen.

    Reservations required : 05 46 95 60 10


    La Roche Courbon reserves the right to cancel the session if a sufficient number of participants is not reached..


    Prices : €12 per participating child over 5 years old and €9 per accompanying adult (including the complete visit to the site: gardens, exhibitions, caves, museum, etc.)


    Children must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the activity. Recommended age: from 5 years old