Educational activities | Chateau de La Roche Courbon

The archaeological activities at Roche-Courbon

A necropolis of the early Middle Ages is on the field. DRAC (Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs) has given permission to a stripping campaign in 2011 and followed up.

Other works:

Cleaning of the graves of Iron Age

Cleaning of an ancient wall.

This work aims to present in the future, guided archaeological tour.


School groups


We offer school groups guided tours on the theme of prehistory.
You will discover the prehistoric museum whose renovation was completed in 2012.
Two rooms transport you to these glacial periods when our ancestors survived.
The first room is an educational room about the main stages of prehistory.
The second room is devoted to the prehistory of the Charente-Maritime.
picnic area on site.
La Roche-Courbon, is a an important site of Saintonge's prehistory with caves and caverns accessibles from the castle by a nice forest road. Throughout your journey, the boards  explain the formation of the caves and valley. Under the porch of the caves, other signs inform you about the different periods of occupation by our ancestors.
These activities are linked with the museum.