For children | Chateau de La Roche Courbon

Game Booklets and courses

Have a family day in Charente Maritime !

La Roche Courbon is an original place for a day out in Charente Maritime with children.
The environment is ideal for everybody to enjoy a good day, playing with the ancient games,
discovering the path Prehistozen and ending the day with some sweet treats at the Relais de Romette.



A game booklet for children in French

The children have their own guide. Eutrope is the little and very nice frog living in the marshlands.
Helped by a booklet, she guides children in the gardens and the chateau, asking questions that appeal their observation’s skills.

A diploma is given to each one at the chateau’s shop.



Ladybird’s adventure


Children are going to love that game ! It’s been especially conceived for them and is done with the whole family (in French)

Organize a birthday party spending the all afternoon at La Roche Courbon, with the possibility to have birthday cake prepared by the Relais de Romette

(booking for the afternoon tea :


Tourism in Poitou Charentes also concerns children.