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Easter egg hunt

The afternoons of Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1

Chasse aux œufs
Chasse aux œufs
Chasse aux œufs
Chasse aux œufs
  • The Christian Easter, while recalling this event, celebrates the passage from death to life of Jesus, crucified.

    But where do Easter eggs come from? Some sources report that the Persians were already offering eggs to each other 5,000 years ago. It was then the turn of the Gauls and the Romans. For all these pagan cultures, the egg seems to have been the emblem of life, fertility and rebirth. These traditions were then assimilated by Christianity. The Easter egg then became a symbol of resurrection. It also marks the end of the deprivations imposed by Lent.

  • On the afternoons of Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1, at the end of each guided tour (every hour), children accompanied by their parents will be able to look for Easter eggs hidden in different corners of the interior courtyard of the castle.

    A fair redistribution will then be organized.

    The LECLERC establishments in Saint-Georges-des-Côteaux are generously participating in this operation.


    Prices: €7.50 (including access to the gardens, caves, prehistory museum, exhibitions and ancient games in the feudal rooms of the castle)

    Enfants : Children from 6 to 14 years old: €6.00 / under 6 years old: free (including the games trail in the gardens)

    Entrance is free for all Amicour members

    Children must be accompanied by an adult.