Discover prehistory otherwise ...

An captivating walk throught the forest will plunge you into an authentic setting in the Bruant glacier valley.

DIY tours

A stroll of about an hour leads you through a listed thousand-year-old forest to the prehistoric caves. Here prehistoric men settled down, such as Neanderthal man about 50 000 years ago. Big boards have been placed along the path which explains the geology of the domain and its occupancy since the Paleolithic ages. Some trees, plants and flowers are pointed out with small tags showing details as names and their uses in our everyday life. Along that path reconstructions of prehistoric camps have been placed. This was all the conception of Yves Olivet, our mourned prehistoric specialist, and baptized recently :

(from May to September)

Along the stream, Le Bruant, go back in time, during an one hour’s walk. This wander will make you travel in the prehistoric times on the estate of La Roche Courbon, through a untouched and preserved nature. You will discover reconstructions of different prehistoric camps: Homo erectus (Héhé’s camp), the caves of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens (Osapi and Ramého’s camps). Imagine yourself meeting up in the caves around the fire in the caves!

 In each camp, as well as the caves, informative boards present the evolution of the prehistoric men, since the arrival of Homo erectus until the Iron Age. You can as well read information about botanic.

Children can follow Ti’Silex, a small prehistoric man living on the estate, in his adventures. They can answer the questions of the quiz (in French) during their stroll on the PréhistoZen path.

Live a moment outside of time!

(careful: get some good shoes like hiking type)