The course | Chateau de La Roche Courbon

Discover Prehistory in a different way...

A fascinating path will immerse you in the authentic landscape of the glacial valley of the Bruant.


A stroll of about an hour leads you through a millennial forest to the prehistoric caves. Here
prehistoric men lived on the estate about 50 000 years ago. Explicative boards along the path allows to understand the geology of the place and its occupation during the paleolithic and
neolithic. Tags explain as well the different species of plants, trees and flowers existing in the area,
and their uses in the everyday life.
A thematic path about Prehistory has been named after the name of his creator Yves Olivet and
baptized :


(From May till September)

Along the stream Bruant, go back in time during a stroll of about an hour. This walk will make you
travel back in the time of prehistoric men in La Roche Courbon estate, surrounded by a wild and
preserved nature. You will discover reconstitution of camps : meet Homo Erectus in Héhé’s camp,
Neanderthal in the caves, and Homo Sapiens along the stream in Osapi’s and Rameho’s camps.
Imagine yourself light fire with Neanderthal in the caves! At each camp, as well as the caves,
boards present the evolution of men on our territory, since the arrival of Homo Erectus until the
beginning of the iron age. Information about the botanic are as well provided.

The stroll is livening up with wood forms symbolising the everyday life of the inhabitants of the
valley, created by Philippe Huet, member of the association Amicour.

For children, “Ti’Silex” asks questions along the way. A game booklet (in French) helps them to
follow him in his adventures all along the path.
Follow the map we give you on arrival.

Live a timeless moment !

Be careful : make sure to have suitable shoes for walking (forest path of hiking style)