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Meet at the gardens

Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, 2024

  • The five senses of the garden

    The Ministry of Culture renews for  the 21th year in a row the “Meet at the gardens” event.

    Designed to awaken the senses and introduce everyone to the diversity and richness of the world of gardens, the event "Meet at the gardens" has been highlighting the art of the garden since its origins in 2003. and the essential role it plays for our well-being, both in cities and in rural areas.

    Thousands of stakeholders: gardeners, botanists, landscapers, private and public owners... are mobilizing for this benchmark annual meeting, which has become European since 2018.

    Rendez-vous aux jardins also allows us to highlight the actions initiated by the Ministry of Culture and implemented by the regional directorates of cultural affairs to publicize, protect, conserve, maintain, restore, create gardens, train gardeners of art and ensure the transmission of know-how.

This year, La Roche Courbon offers you :

Classical music broadcast intermittently in the gardens at "La Française"

A photo exhibition entirely dedicated to the gardens of La Roche Courbon you will discover unusual glimpses of the place in all seasons and in all its colors.

PréhistoZen with its thematic tour on prehistory in a cool and wooded setting.

Children also have their guided tour: Eutrope is a very friendly little frog, who lives in our marshes.

With the help of a small game booklet, she will guide them throughout the visit to the gardens, with questions appealing to their sense of observation..

A personalized diploma will be given to them at the castle boutique.

Also enjoy our game “ladybug adventure” for the whole family.

Garden prices: €9.50 (adults) €6.50 (Children aged 6 to 14)